Our Membership Opportunity

Ok, thinking about becoming an OrangeMember? Here are the many reasons why you should...

  1. Membership is FREE!
  2. Members get a $5 Signup Bonus! (Limited Time ONLY)
  3. Members get a 10% Membership Discount on all their orders.
  4. Members get FREE Shipping within the USA.
  5. Members get Special Perks like earning a 10% commission on orders promoted through their Referral Link AND the ability to pass on coupon codes to friends and family.
  6. Members also have the opportunity to build their own Personal OrangeNetwork of members and earn multi-tiered commissions through their Signup Link. Enrollment is easy, within a few clicks, you're in.
  7. Members have access to all the tools and tracking systems to manage their network and their commissions through their Membership Dashboard.

Now, if you haven't joined Orange™ yet (and you should have), let's go over in greater detail what the "Personal OrangeNetwork" and "multi-tiered commissions" described really means for YOU.

Personal OrangeNetwork

As a Member of Orange™ you are able to enroll other people to become members of Orange™. When you do, you would earn a 10% Commission on all their activity. These people that you personally enroll would be on your FIRST tier or level.

Now, when the people you personally enrolled on your first tier/level start to enroll people into Orange™, these people would be on your SECOND tier/level.

Now, when the people on your second tier/level start to enroll people into Orange™, these people would be on your THIRD tier/level.

Then, when the people on your third tier/level start to enroll people into Orange™, these people would be on your FOURTH tier/level.

And, when the people on your fourth tier/level start to enroll people into Orange™, these people would be on your FIFTH tier/level.

What is described above is your Personal OrangeNetwork of members that have been directly and indirectly enrolled into Orange™. You will earn commissions from ALL the sales activity generated on ALL five (5) levels. This is called multi-tiered or multi-level commissions.

Multi-tiered Commissions

With Orange™ we pay our Members to help build our brand and we pay BIG! With a multi-tiered  commission structure, you would earn commissions on the sales activity tracked from the Referral Link of all of the members within your Personal OrangeNetwork on ALL five (5) levels. Each level has its own commission value (%) earned and is as follows:

  • Level 1 - YOU earn 10%
  • Level 2 - YOU earn 3%
  • Level 3 - YOU earn 2%
  • Level 4 - YOU earn 1%
  • Level 5 - YOU earn 4%

Understanding The POWER Behind Your Personal Orange™ Network

Ok, so all that we have explained above sounds pretty good and straight forward, right? Well, let's explore some possibilities that should get you very excited to join Orange™ and help build our brand.

Let's say that you personally enrolled 10 people you know into Orange™. These 10 people would be "enrolled" on your first level. Then, these 10 people simply enrolled 3 people into their first level. That would mean that you now have 30 people on your second level. Then, let's say that these 30 people simply enrolled just 3 people into their first level. You now have 90 people on your third level. Ok, let's continue on two more levels... 90 people simply enroll just 3 new members each would total 270 people on your forth level. And, if those people on your forth level did the same, enroll just 3 people each, you would have 810 people sitting on your fifth level. Now, add up all the people within your Personal OrangeNetwork and what do you total? — 1,210 !!!

Now, let's see an example of the possible commissions you could earn if everyone in your Personal OrangeNetwork purchased just one item at $38.00. You would earn an estimated $1,474.40 in commissions!!!!

Let's show you the math. Each person within your network would make a $38.00 purchase, here's what the commission break-down would look like:

Level 1 = 10 Members X $38.00 each totaling $380 in sales.
Level 2 = 30 Members X $38.00 each totaling $1,140 in sales.
Level 3 = 90 Members X $38.00 each totaling $3,420 in sales.
Level 4 = 270 Members X $38.00 each totaling $10,260 in sales.
Level 5 = 810 Members X $38.00 each totaling $30,780 in sales.


Now, let's apply your commissions earned on each level:

Level 1 = $380 in sales X 10% commission = $38
Level 2 = $1,140 in sales X 3% commission = $34.20
Level 3 = $3,420 in sales X 2% commission = $68.40
Level 4 = $10,260 in sales X 1% commission = $102.60
Level 5 = $30,780 in sales X 4% commission = $1,231.20


Add it all up and you get $1,474.40. It's important to understand that your results may vary (-/+) and your experience may differ. However, when you enroll members into Orange™ and help your members to enroll new members, your Personal OrangeNetwork will grow and earn you commissions along the way.

What are you waiting for... join OrangeNOW! — Remember, Membership is FREE to join — Sweet!