What does "Official Soft Launch" mean?

Our site is up and running and has been tested and re-tested and then, tested again. We are ready to launch! We felt we should open slowly and give the people we know a chance to browse and start their own membership drive and enroll their friends and family as members into Orange™ — call it a ground floor opportunity. Our official launch date will be March 1, 2020. So, you may ask what will be different come 03/01/20? The word "Soft" will be dropped to read, "The Official Launch of Orange™"...silly.

How do I earn commissions? 

There are many ways to earn with Orange™! Once you become a member, you have access to your very own Referral Link. This link is the key to your commissions with Orange™. You earn a 10% commission on all orders made through your Referral Link. You will also earn a 10% commission on all activity of the members you enroll into Orange™. Read About Orange > Our Membership Opportunity for more detailed information on commissions

When will I be paid?

Once you’ve earned at least $50 in commission we will send a payment. Our payment terms are Net 30, end of month.

How much is shipping?

All shipping is FREE for all order ship within the USA. International shippingrates will apply to all international orders placed.

More FAQs will be posted here as more questions arrive at our help desk.